Concept and Definition

What are megatrends?

Megatrends are long-term transformation processes, of a very broad scope and with intense impacts. They are recognised as powerful factors, capable of shaping future realities. Megatrends differ from ordinary trends in three key characteristics: they may be observable over decades; they have a broad impact across regions and players and cause fundamental multidimensional transformations across all social subsystems.

These are slowly growing social, economic, political, environmental or technological changes, with the capacity to influence a wide range of activities, processes and perceptions, at all levels: social, economic, political, etc., possibly for decades.

Why do we analyse global drivers of change?

Given that megatrends are key processes that influence global changes, and keeping in mind that their impacts unfold over decades all around the world, influencing governments, businesses and individuals, it becomes clear how important these drivers of change are when outlining policies and strategies.

Naturally, the analysis of the impacts of a megatrend is complemented by studying its strategic implications. Thus, the strategic importance of a megatrend is determined by its implications in the strategic focus under study, which translates, for example, into the identification of new opportunities, the rehashing of a strategy or a new direction for the future, among others.