State of the Environment Report

Latest edition

The State of the Environment Report (REA) has been,  like most of its international counterparts, an important instrument for communicating the factual state of the environment at national level.

In order to make available as much updated data as possible, the REA has been published at the end of each calendar year, resulting in a time lag of about one year between the date of publication of the data and the period to which they relate. To mitigate this disparity, it was decided, starting with this year's edition, to anticipate the publication of the report, bringing it closer to the date of World Environment Day - June 5th.

Being published only five months after the last report, the 2018 edition will be exceptionally shorter, containing only the indicators for which there was new data available since the last edition. 

The REA 2018 begins by presenting the national socio-economic framework with the main figures for economic and social indicators. 

The following chapters present 28 fact sheets, organised in eight environmental domains: Economy and Environment, Energy and Climate, Transport, Air, Water, Soil and Biodiversity, Waste and Environmental Risks. 

In addition to the fact sheets, the REA 2018 also includes seven infographics covering such diverse environmental themes as Circular Economy, Climate Change, Smooth Mobility, Health and the Environment, the National Strategy to Combat Food Waste, the National Strategy for Nature Conservation and Biodiversity and the National Strategy for Environmental Education.

The REA 2018 includes an English version of the Executive Summary.