Megatrend Analysis

Megatrends identified by the European Environment Agency

In 2010, the European Environment Agency (EEA) published, as an integral part of the State of the Environment European Report (SOER 2010), an exploratory assessment of the global megatrends relevant to the environment in Europe. In order to provide better information for policy-makers, and considering that some of Europe's environmental challenges are being heavily influenced by drivers of change such as demographics, technology, consumption or trade patterns, the paper examined 11 relevant megatrends, summarized the links between them and the main European environmental challenges and reflected on potential policy implications.

In a continuing effort to highlight the global transformations and movements considered relevant to the European environment, and because these are drivers of change with significant impacts and with very long horizons, it makes sense to periodically update the megatrends identified, in order to monitor the evolution of their impacts, and assess their relevance and timeliness. The European Environment Agency has done so by providing an update of these global trends upon the publication of the latest European State of the Environment Report (SOER 2015).